Do you love white, but would never use it in your interior?
It's too hard to maintain?
Too boring?

Off white or beige can be boring, but not white! White is dramatic, just like black. That's why we use black and white together so often, they're contrasting, they catch your eye immediately!

Too many people are scared to use white in their homes, and it's one of the best colours to use! It's not cold or warm, it's universal. You can either make it look cold or as warm and cosy as you like.
It all depends on the materials, furniture and textures you use in your home!

If you have a small bedroom and you feel a bit 'trapped' in your space, white is a really good way to optically enlarge your room. How much white to use in your interior, depends on the amount of light in your room. If you have more than 2 windows in your bedroom, with direct sunlight everyday, it's probably not a good idea to have an all white bedroom! Out of all the colours in the spectrum, white reflects the most light this is why it's so bright when you look at a white wall! However, black doesn't reflect any light at all, when the light hits black, it's absorbed and not reflected back, therefore it makes objects look dark and flat, it optically makes things look smaller. This is why we preferably choose black leggings over white! Black makes us think that the objects are smaller, where as white makes everything look so much bigger! It's all because of how the light reacts to the colours.

Why is white in interiors so popular in hotter countries? This is because whilst white reflects light, it also reflects heat, therefore it keeps the houses cooler in hot temperatures. Black absorbs the light and the heat. This is why black surfaces are so hot when exposed to direct sunlight, and that's why we don't see many houses painted black! (It also depends on the materials used)

White Psychology; White makes us feel pure, fresh, clean, innocent, complete, calm, equal, neutral, fair, independent and protected.
White is known to be the most 'pure', it's the colour of perfection. In colour psychology it symbolizes new beginnings, wiping the slate clean, blank canvas waiting to be painted on.
White isn't stimulating to the senses, like other colours.
"It opens the way for the creation of anything the mind can conceive"

1.White Kitchen with a dark wooden floor to neutralise the space a bit. Black accents for a modern contrast, greenery to add a natural colour to the space. Make sure to use 'wipe clean' materials/ surfaces in the kitchen. Kitchen stools are clearly metal, so they're easy to maintain.
If the space is too plain for you, don't be scared to add few more accents, like gold or brass metals (gold lamp & handles).

2.If you don't like tooo much white in interiors, but love monochrome, balance white & black!
White flooring and walls with a lot of black accents and greenery! If your room is small don't go too crazy with the black!

3. If you're not a big fan of contrast, add softer tones like grey and some off white colours to achieve a more calm and soft looking interior!

4. Wood and green plants are a great way to break up that harsh contrast! Add a wooden floor or furniture to add a variety of finishes!

5. If you're a fan of that sleek modern look, Keep the furniture simple without any accents, the surfaces smooth and shiny and go all white or just black & white! It's going to look spacious and airy.

6. Cushions, blankets and all things soft make the room look warm, cosy & 'lived in'.
If you're scared that white cushions are going to get dirty very quickly, let me tell you that they're as dirty as the colourful ones! If you can't see the dirt, it doesn't mean it's not there, you can always bleach the white ones, which will make them look brand new, but you can't bleach the colourful ones!

7. Different types of flooring in a white interior make a big difference! Change that carpet to grey wooden floor, and it will look and feel a lot colder! Silver instead of Gold also enhances the cool tones.

8. If you're home is all white, you can add any accessories that you want! You're floor is plain, your walls are plain. Why not make a use of it and make the space look interesting? Metals, wood, soft furnishings, velvet, plants and art are all great accents to spice up your living room!

9. Distressed white wooden flooring with an exposed brick wall make the space look a bit more vintage and old if that's what you're going for!

10. Unusual materials like pebbles in the bathroom create some texture. Don't forget to add different types of textures, finishes and materials if you're keeping your interior all white!

I decided to write about white psychology because my older post "Colour Psychology For Your Office" had quite a lot of traffic, so if you want to know more feel free to let me know in the comments!

What colour is your bedroom?



  1. I love white and I do use it a lot. In my kitchen especially. I love the images you have used here. I am repainting our apartment soon and I think I am going to go even more with white as now it is mostly off white and cream.

  2. I love white but I have 4 kids..I am not trying to go mad lol!

  3. I LOVE the look of all white interiors.!

  4. Love the look of white but with 3 kids and a dog it would not stay so pristine for long :( the staircase is amazing!

  5. Loved given ideas of white interior specially white pebble bathroom... my own bedroom is white .. will add some of ideas from this blog.. Thanks

  6. Although I am always in awe of a gorgeous, white room, for me I always seem to stray towards beige and tans, as they add a little warmness to the space. Unfortunately white is also hardest to keep clean.

  7. I love minimalist white!! It's so zen and calm. I've got two young kids though - so we'll hold off on white for a few more years. Can't keep it clean!

  8. I love the look of minimalism white, but the child and pit bull would be throwing color all over it. Still, I love to look at Instagram photos of white rooms, especially those that add color play, like red throw pillows and epic wall art. I love the texture idea, that's something even I could play with!

  9. I love white interiors! As a fashion blogger, pictures are so important to me and I wish there were more white interiors in my house that I could use!


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